Healthcare appointment scheduling for  outpatient centers.

We provide full-service, complex out-of-network solutions directly integrated with your healthcare product or solutions to provide you with a truly personalized support.


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Health-specific quality services: outsourcing is more cost-effective than hiring in-house, plus you can access a larger pool of health-care specialized professionals.

Tech solutions and consulting: CCD offers BI and machine learning (ML) solutions designed to optimize call processes and operations.

Guaranteed flexibility: with CCD, you can scale up or down contact center services based on your patient's specific needs.

Better customer experience: a healthcare-specialized call center will provide better first-touchpoint metrics such as customer satisfaction, net promoter scores, and average handle time.

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Working with 4 of the top 7 Radiology centers in the U.S.

H3 - Flexible and Scalable


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Inbound calls answered in less than a minute

The leading healthcare call center in the U.S.

Their business analytics is really focused on process optimization and helping their operational teams identify what we can do to improve.”

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Top 3 radiology provider in the US

We had a call abandonment rate of 10-13%. CCD developed a call volume forecasting model that allowed us to understand call seasonalities and the right number of agents needed to meet volume requirements. Today, our abandonment rate is at 3%, which helped us generate $4.4 million dollars extra in revenue last year.”


CCD Health customer

Top 10 radiology brands in the U.S.


Call center value. Medical expertise.

H3 - Comprehensive Medical Support Services

Comprehensive Support Services

H3 -Experienced, Educated Representatives

Experienced Healthcare Representatives

H3 - Applicable Analytics and Business Intelligence

Analytics and Business Intelligence

The preferred outsourced medical call center for outpatient healthcare providers.