Reduce your revenue loss from missed appointments by 60%

Using the proper healthcare analytics methods allows you to manage your workforce with ease and minimize lost revenue. During this webinar, we’ll show you how to replicate the workforce management success that 3 of the top 5 radiology practices in the U.S. see. 

Join us on Wednesday, August 10th at 3 PM ET to learn how your analytics can:

  • Cut your abandoned calls in half
  • Double your patient satisfaction
  • Reduce revenue loss from missed appointments by 60%

We'll also discuss appointment volume forecasting, staffing requirement reporting, and staffing planning.

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Webinar Duration: 1 hour

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Here are some of the benefits you can experience after attending this webinar

Reduce your workforce cost by up to 50%

Get 92% of calls answered in less than a minute

Lower your abandoned calls to under 3%

Increase your profit growth by 30%

Double your patient satisfaction score

Gain access to 1000+ patient care specialists

CCD Health helped us realize $4.4 million extra in revenue last year. We had a call abandonment rate of 10-13%. CCD developed a call volume forecasting model that allowed us to understand call seasonalities and the right number of agents needed to meet volume requirements. Today, our abandonment rates are at 3%. This helped us realize 4.4 million dollars last year.


Deliver shorter appointments & call wait times

One 2019 study showed that 60% of callers only wait two minutes or less before hanging up. For outpatient medical centers, missed or dropped patient calls cost you $5,500 a day, or $1.4 million each year. And on top of patient no-shows, medical centers are losing billions every single year. 


Improve patient engagement & satisfaction

Increasing your productivity improves patient access and experience, helping to retain and acquire new patients. Learn how to leverage Artificial Intelligence, better manage your workforce, and implement an automated call-back program to lower dropped calls and drive your medical center's revenues. 


Call center value. Medical expertise.

H3 - Comprehensive Medical Support Services

Comprehensive medical support 

Take advantage of a full suite of medical support services, from patient scheduling to insurance verification.

H3 -Experienced, Educated Representatives

Experienced, educated representatives

For more than 10 years, imaging companies like yours have relied on CCD for exceptional contact center support.

H3 - Applicable Analytics and Business Intelligence

Applicable business intelligence

Easily gather call and activity data to scale your team, optimize patient satisfaction, and improve your bottom line.

H3 - Flexible and Scalable

Scalable patient scheduling

Gain the flexibility to tailor a support solution to meet your staffing, training, onboarding, and division of duty requirements.

Why CCD?



Fewer patient no-shows 

H3 - Flexible and Scalable


Appointments scheduled per quarter



Calls answered in less than a minute

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